Sunday, 10 July 2011

Virtual Romans Intro

On February 2010 I´ve started working on a PhD research ¨A Methodology for Creating 3D Characters for Virtual Reconstructions: Virtual Romans 210 AD¨ my research is funded by CONACYT Mexico and It takes place on De Montfort University Leicester on the department of Art and Design and The Institute Of Creative Technologies.

My research focuses on populating a Virtual Reconstruction of Roman Leicester 210 AD by creating believable historical characters and as accurate as possible in terms of their appearance and behaviour, until January this year the first part of this research demanded me to learn as much as possible of how the 3rd. century Roman Britons lived.

The next stage is to look at how new Artificial Intelligence Agents will model my character method and how the Virtual Roman Leicester defines which characters lived in 210AD and therefore need to be brought to live.

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